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Now you know who we are, we know who you are, here is how we can help you achieve Your Dreams and Your Goals by creating Your Plan.
Financial products and services should address specific needs in your financial security plan. We have access to a broad range of insurance, investment and retirement income products to help meet the needs and goals of individuals or business owners.

Whether you're saving for your child's education, planning a vacation, building a nest egg or managing your finances in retirement, we can help you create an investment plan and build a portfolio that fits your needs.

Along with helping you build and manage your investments, we can help you choose insurance products to minimize financial risk to you and your family.

“Al Jones has been a knowledgeable and trustworthy resource as I worked through my separation and all the complicated financial implications that went with it. He made sure I understood the answers he gave to my questions. And he connected me with resources for answers he didn't have so that I could confidently move into the next chapter of my life. I don't know where else I could have received this kind of advice.”
-With much appreciation, Petra
“Al Jones has been our financial advisor and friend for 20 years. He has helped us on how to invest, he always listens when we have concerns regarding our financial status. His team is always ready to help with any questions we may have. Al is always pleasant and willing to help us in any way he can. My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend Al to our family and friends. On a scale of 1 to 10, Al is a 10! He goes beyond more than any other advisor we have ever had in the past.”
-Pam and Rudy
“I would 10 out of 10 recommend AJWEP and have done so to several people. They are so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They educate you on products they feel could benefit your family and future and you never feel pressured into anything. They are always available for advice and are honest. I really feel that they have my family and my future's best interest in hand.”
-Thank you. Lindsay Semple, Barrie
“ Valerie and I would like to express our thanks for the recent Christmas Breakfast at the Tangle Creek Golf Course. As in the past it was a great pleasure for us and for your arranging for professionals from various fields to share their knowledge and experiences with us relating to many of life's financial considerations in these ever changing times we live in.
We are pleased and consider ourselves fortunate to have been associated with Al Jones for many years and can only say Al Jones has earned one hundred percent of our trust and confidence over these years through his hard work and conscientiousness in handling our financial matters to a very successful point. We can only give the highest recommendation to Al and his equally professional staff to anyone who may be looking for someone to handle their financial planning.”
-Wolf & Valerie
“We have attended numerous breakfast events over the years hosted by our Financial Advisor, Al Jones. We enjoyed excellent company and, through the sharing of stories, were made aware of some legal details that required our personal attention. There's always something to learn, either through guest speakers or personal stories. We find these social/business sessions enjoyable and informative. Thank you, Al and staff.”
-Sandy & Jim Skerratt, Bradford
“I have been working with Al Jones since 1992. I was a single mom with a limited amount of funds available. Because of Al's input I was able to buy my first home in 1997 as well send my son to Windsor University in 2004. Three years ago I met my amazing husband and introduced Gary to Al. Al now looks after the two of us. Soon Al will be traveling to London, Ontario to meet with my son and he will then be helping him - just one big happy family. Thanks Al.”
-Nancy & Gary Woodley
“Al Jones & his staff have always been very helpful & professional in looking after our portfolios. Al has earned our trust and we are very pleased to have him handle our investments. A very high standard of service is provided by A. Jones and his staff. We have been very satisfied since we became clients in 2003. We do enjoy the newsletters as well as the brunches we attend. If we have any problems, our calls are always answered promptly. A very professional and friendly group of people.”
-Derek and Shelby, Barrie

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